1 Life Workplace Safety and Health Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Safety Consultant in Winnipeg, MB
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Welcome to mySafetyAssistant.ca

mySafetyAssistant is Manitoba’s only Virtual Safety Professional providing you immediate access to your own company-branded workplace safety portal day or night!


CSSE Award Winning Software

  • 100 Workers are injured every day in Manitoba
  • When a worker is injured, employers are guilty until they can prove they’re not
  • Fines can be as high as $250,000 per offence
  • No insurance can be purchased for this kind of liability

Compliance with Manitoba safety legislation is integral to the viability of your business but more importantly provides a framework to protect your people and your profits by avoiding production delays, employee turnover, and increased insurance costs.

mySafetyAssistant is specific to Manitoban Workplace Safety Legislation

Protect your people and your business at a fraction of the cost! mySafetyAssistant includes:

  • Unlimited professionally developed document downloads:
  • Unlimited employee safety training
  • Manage all your MSDS, safety records and receive automatic reminders when any record expires
  • Assign policies and procedures to workers and track that they have read them
  • Automatically receive updates and draft policies / procedures as legislation changes AND hazard alerts as incidents occur
  • Manage and evaluate your Contractors with the innovative built in myContractorManager application
  • Video and photo library, signs and posters and more
  • We also offer Safety Management System audits and customization
  • Don’t see what you need? Make a request to your Safety Assistant!

IMAGINE what you could do if you had your own personal Safety Professional 24/7!

"Before finding mySafetyAssistant I was looking at hiring a full time position to manage our Quality Control, Safety and HR areas.

This program has made it manageable for us to run with our current staff. (For less than I would pay for a month salary for this position). Thank you Theo and your team at 1 Life."